HackMyVm Momentum Walkthrough

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=MomentumIt's a little tricky machine, thanks author for the hints.Nmap scan ports first.nmap -sV -sC -p- -oN ports.log port 80, nothing special right now

HackMyVm Choc Walkthrough

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=ChocNmap scan ports, only 21 and 22 are open.nmap -sV -sC -p- -oN ports.log ftp as anonymous, get id_rsa.Try ssh, get user name "carl".Try to logi

HackMyVm Diophante Walkthrough

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=DiophanteScan ports, noticed port 25 maybe open, it's smtp service.nmap -sV -sC -p- -oN ports.log scan port 80.Check note.txt, it's a hint about knock

HackMyVm Clover Walkthrough

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=CloverScan ports.nmap -sV -sC -p-  -oN ports.logLog in ftp anonymous, found 5 text files, but no useful.Scan port 80.gobuster dir -u http://19

HackMyVm Driftingblues7 Walkthrough

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=Driftingblues7Scan ports.nmap -sV -sC -p-  -oN ports.logCheck port 80, redirect to port 443, it's eyesofnetwork app login panel.Scan port 66.gobuster&nbs

HackMyVm T800 Walkthrough (X11 forwarding through ssh, conky)

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=T800Very interesting machine, I have to spend whole day learning how to doX11 forwarding and how to config conky, in order to solve it.Scan ports first.Scan port 80, at /index.html, found username "ruu

HackMyVm Eighty Walkthrough

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=EightyInteresting machine, thanks sML@HackMyVm.Scan ports.Port 80 is unavailable right now. Port 70 is not http, but gopher (which is not familiar).We can use firefox to visit port 70. Also, we can use &quo

HackMyVm Eyes Walkthrough

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=EyesScan ports.Log in ftp as anonymous, and get index.php.Check the source code of index.php, has LFI.<?php $file = $_GET['fil3']; if(isset($file)) { include($file); } else { pr

HackMyVm Superhuman Walkthrough

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=SuperhumanScan port 80 with big dic.┌──(kali㉿mykali)-[~/Documents/superhuman] └─$ gobuster dir -u  -t 50  -w /usr/share/dirbuster/word

HackMyVm Zday Walkthrough

https://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=ZdayCat ports, a lot opened. Check port 80 first, it's a default apache page. Scan files and folders.Open /fog,  it's login panel of fog project.Google the default crdentials and login. At &quo
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