HackMyVm Neobank Walkthrough (python requests, google authentication)

Medium level, machine can be download here.Nmap scan ports, only 5000 is open.Gobuster scan folders and files with medium dic.gobuster dir -u -t 50 -x .php,.html,.txt -w /usr/shar

HackMyVm Locker Walkthrough (privilege escalation through sulogin)

Machines can be download here. Easy but also interesting one.Nmap scan ports, only 80 is open.Open main page, very simple.Check source code, found locker.php.Click "Model 1", then redirect to locker.php and display a picture.Obviously, the

HackMyVm Tornado Walkthrough

(Tips:LFI through alias, SQL Trunction Attack, Blind RCE, NPM to shell,Caesar Cipher)Very interesting and hard (in my opnion) VM. Can be download here. It's my first time playing a machine with lots of new stuff, so I write this walkthrough for l

HackMyVm Narcos Walkthrough

Another very interesting VM from HackMyVm, can be download here.Nmap scan ports.At port 80, there is a static html page.  Bruteforce the folders and files.There is a squirrelmail site, but we can not login now.After stuck here for some time, we

HackMyVm Adroit Walkthrough (very tricky)

Machines can be download here.Nmap scan ports first.Start from 21 port. Log in ftp as anonymous user, and download all the three files.Here's note.txt.Check the structure.PNG, which show us the working theory of the jar program. That means we can

HackMyVm Attack Walkthrough (very interesting!)

A very interesting CTF VM from HackMyVm, can be download here.nmap ports scan.At 80 port, index.html has useful message.Wireshark capture file has extension: pacp. Add it to the folder/file brutefore options.gobuster dir -u http://192.

HackMyVm靶机Hacked的Walkthrough(tmux socket)


HackMyVm Soul Walkthrough.(ngnix bad config, privilege escalation through agetty)

(英语写几篇,便于国际友人搜索浏览。都是简单句,国内的同学看着应该也不太费劲。)A very tricky VM, level is hard, can be download here.First, use nmap to scan ports.Gobuser to bruteforce folders and files at port 80, found nothing.There's only one image at index.html.Download and extrac


今天在玩HackMyVm的靶机Pickle的时候,遇到了这个问题,python3下pickle.dumps生成的payload代码,在靶机上总是显示进行md5 hash时,ascii编码出错。md5_encode = hashlib.md5(request.form["story"]).hexdigest()\nUnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't e


    第一次搞序列化漏洞,边学边记录,参考了多篇网上资料和walkthrough。靶机下载地址是ttps://hackmyvm.eu/machines/machine.php?vm=UnbakedPie,之前这好像也是TryHackMe的靶机,难度评级是hard。加载运行后扫描端口,注意要加-Pn,只开了一个5003。    打开后是一个博客的页面,都是一些没什么用的内容,点击登录按钮,测试一些常见的用户名和密码,未果。 &
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