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一切生活中的杂七杂八, and I like CTF.

Vulnhub shenron: 2 Walkthrough,677/Scan ports.Scan port 80, nothing useful.Scan 8080, looks like a wordpress site.Check source code of index.php, in order to make wordpress works,  need to add http://shenron to /etc/hosts. Wpscan found

Vulnhub hacksudo: aliens Walkthrough,676/Scan ports.Scan port 80.In /backup/mysql.bak, found credentials.Log in phpmyadmin at port  9000 using this credentials. Create a shell php.SELECT "<?php system($_GET['c'

HackMyVm T800 Walkthrough (X11 forwarding through ssh, conky) interesting machine, I have to spend whole day learning how to doX11 forwarding and how to config conky, in order to solve it.Scan ports first.Scan port 80, at /index.html, found username "ruu
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